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The decades of business connections between DAF and the van Doorne’s family bear witness to a strong family relationship, a remarkable factor in all of the company acquisitions over the years. Willy Van Doorne International lets each of their new subsidiaries develop and grow, respecting their local culture.

Willy Van Doorne International currently numbers 8 DAF truck dealers, running under the name Truck Trading Group, and distributing brands such as DAF and Mercedes trucks, but also Mercedes, Iveco, and Fiat vans. VDH group consists of 3 Mercedes garages, plus TAC specialising in recent second-hand cars and vans. The other truck related companies are Dif-Rent, De Kempen Verhuur, Hydromat and Bee-Line.

By grouping the activities of local garages, there is a widespread geographical coverage from north to south. Each garage keeps its uniqueness, but is supported by a group structure which improves our professionalism and leads to one-stop shops that provide a service within the different sectors.

Besides the automotive sector, we are specialised in construction tools and building supplies with Salco and Sercomat. With John Deere Forestry, we supply forestry machinery to the BeLux region.

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In the style of the house
In the style of the house

In the style of the house

The logo of Willy van Doorne International symbolises Mercury’s winged hat. In Roman mythology, he was the patron god of merchants and travellers, but also the promoter of traffic, commerce and profit! Since the foundation of the company in 1982, this beautifully stylised logo embodies the qualities that Willy van Doorne International and all subsidiaries guarantee.

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Willy van Doorne


24/02/2020 †

Vincent van Doorne

CEO since Januari 2017

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